Super Digestives Enzimas PROBIOTIC and PREBIOTIC Enzymes Probiotics


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Super Digestives Enzymes PROBIOTICS

Our formula has been designed for those suffering digestive discomfort, slow digestion, and intestinal flatulence

  • Promoting  balanced and healthful intestinal floral.
  • Relieving  abdominal pain & discomfort.
  • Building good bacteria
  • Boosting Efficient nutrient absorption from food and vitamins.
  • Replenishes gut microflora that can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and other unwanted  pathogens.


Super Digestivas Enzimas PROBIOTIC

What happens during digestion?

Of course, the first step in the process of digesting food is to put it in your mouth and chew it, but your teeth don’t do all the work here.

During this process, the salivary glands also moisten the food so that it can flow down the esophagus more easily when swallowing.

Super Digestivas Enzimas PROBIOTIC, allows a better function during digestion

High-fiber foods can speed up digestion. Also, simpler foods (such as unprocessed foods) are easier to digest because it is more difficult for the body to break down the complex chemicals in processed foods.

Complex sugars, high-fat foods, and protein foods take longer to digest.

If you are concerned that something is wrong, your family doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist, who will do a full examination to determine what is causing the problems with your digestive system. The good news is that many digestive problems can be managed through lifestyle changes.



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Super Digestives Enzimas PROBIOTIC and PREBIOTIC Enzymes Probiotics
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