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Shark Cartilage for Joints


Joint Health/ Arthritis/ Psoriasis/ Eye Health/ Skin



Shark Cartilage for Joints

Indications and benefits Shark cartilage: Helps to restore and regenerate cartilage tissue Relieves pain Lubricates joints Provides flexible movement of joints Support to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis Joint pain


Dosage Shark cartilage capsules: Take 2-3 capsules 2 times a day, preferably with meals

The joints in our body are subjected to numerous stresses every day, including running, walking and climbing stairs.

Overtime cartilage between our joints can be worn away due to the demands being placed on our joints.

The skeletal structure of a shark is made of cartilage and it is rich in nutrients such as naturally occurring Chondroitin that are beneficial for human joints.

100% pure dietary supplement formulated with the highest quality ingredients, it supports joint flexibility , maintains bone strength and promotes well being

Because the Shark Cartilage 2000 is freeze-dried to capture the nutrient composition present in it so that it can help with supporting joint mobility.

Joint Health/ Arthritis/ Psoriasis/ Eye Health/ Skin

joint and regenerative Support

So may help with the recovery of tendons, ligaments and bone pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis. Great ally for cases of ligament tears and premature aging

Shark Cartilage – 100 Capsules – Natural Joint & Bone Support Supplement

you can read an article on shark cartilage at the following link from the University of Rochester

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Shark Cartilage for Joints.
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