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Xtra strength Antifungal Cleanser

The cleaner works on the nail polish generating a shine in those areas that have been affected generating beauty features to that of your nails before the fungus affected their aesthetics.

It is an excellent product that you should not stop using in conjunction with the anti-fungus. in the treatment of fungus

  • advantages
    easy to use
    low cost
    very high effectiveness
    beautifies your nails


Xtra strength Antifungal Cleanser

It is an exclusive product that cleans the area of the feet and hands to be treated with antifungals in order to increase the effectiveness of the products.

Xtra strength Antifungal Cleanser has been one of the best-selling and most popular products among vitamisan customers and those who use it in conjunction with two of our flagship products : 1 product  or 2 product .

What nail polish is used for and its usefulness with other meproductdications. Vitamisan always looking to increase the effectiveness of antifungal products suggests the use of antifungal nail polish called Xtra strength Antifungal Cleanse . It is used to paint the infected nails and the skin around them once a day . This product increases the effectiveness of the treatment and increases the effectiveness of the antifungal .

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Xtra strength Antifungal Cleanser
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