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Bellaluxe collagen and vitamin C.




Bellaluxe collagen and vitamin C

¿What is collagen used for?

Collagen gives structure and support to cells and other tissue structures.

It is an extracellular protein with a high capacity to deform and return to its usual shape, which allows it to create a support on which other proteins and cells settle and fulfill their function.
The different collagens can be organized in fibers, in filaments with arrangements similar to the beads of a necklace, in anchoring structures or in networks of different lattices.
This organization is maintained by chemical bonds of greater or lesser strength between the different collagen atoms with each other and with surrounding molecules.

Bellaluxe Collagen and Vitamin C. is the perfect formula because collagen proteins are found in the skin, joints, bones, ligaments, eyes, liver, kidneys, nervous system and subcutaneous connective tissue. Vitamin C contributes to the improved absorption of collagen.

Type I collagen is most common in skin, bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments and internal organs.
Type II collagen is present in cartilage.
Type III collagen is easily found in skin, muscles and blood vessels.
Type IV collagen is found in the basal layer of epithelial tissue.
Type V collagen is found on many surfaces of different cells and in the placenta.
Collagen fragments, i.e. amino acid sequences from collagen with biological activity, have also been identified. These fragments are related to inflammatory processes, wound healing or tissue vascularization.
there is a low production of the gene that encodes collagen in the immune system, only 5% of people in Europe have a high production. “This is related to a genetic pathway, anglictin, which at the same time is related to vitamin C,” he explains.

Collagen and vitamin C form a perfect combination for health, as the latter helps to destroy compounds that promote the elimination of collagen. The mathematici


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Bellaluxe collagen and vitamin C
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