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Hongoman Miracle Brush

The solution to your fungus problems is in this excellent product.
Excellent formula, effective and in a 30 ml presentation.
to be used with a brush for greater convenience.



Hongoman Miracle Brush

The vitamisan miracle brush is a product that has generated great acceptance from hundreds of satisfied customers.

These hundreds of customers have seen their foot fungus disappear as if by magic.
That’s why we couldn’t find a better name that wasn’t miraculous.
Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who regularly use and recommend Hongoman Miracle Brush to their friends and family.

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What does a nail fungus treatment consist of?
If the treatment is topical, it consists of applying the liquid, gel or cream on the nail after filing.

The product penetrates the nail layers and alters the environment of the fungus so that it does not develop or spread.

How often can I apply an anti-fungal nail cream, serum or polish?
Anti-fungal treatments can be applied a maximum of 3 times a day.
How long should the product be left on the fungal nail?
The product should be left on for as long as possible. It is best to apply it every morning and evening so that it has enough time to work.


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Hongoman Miracle Brush
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