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Silimarina Vitamisan

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Silimarina Vitamisan

Digestive enzymes and probiotics

What do we need to know about digestive enzymes, how are they different from probiotics, and do they work together?

Digestive enzymes are naturally produced by the body to aid in the proper breakdown and absorption of nutrients from our food.
However, there are some conditions where the body can become deficient in these enzymes or they may not function properly.
This is where enzyme supplementation may be helpful for some people.

Probiotics are a selected group of beneficial microorganisms that are ingested in the form of food or supplements.
By taking them regularly and thereby maintaining an abundant supply of “good bacteria” in our intestinal tract, many people have gained (or expect to gain) many of the benefits.
These include boosting our immune system, maintaining a healthy weight, treating a variety of conditions and symptoms (see details in question 1).

One way the good bacteria contained in probiotics can optimize our body’s digestive processes is that they have their own digestive enzymes, some of which help us further break down our food and optimize our nutrition.

We’ve heard a lot about prebiotics-how do they fit into the gut health picture?

Prebiotics are foods or substances we consume to help our body’s natural good microorganisms or bacteria thrive.
A common example of a prebiotic is dietary fiber. Fiber helps keep us “regular” by promoting the elimination of wastes and toxins through our intestinal tract. Fiber does this, in part, because we cannot digest or absorb it. However, our microorganisms can, and often do, feed on fiber. This helps promote the growth and health of the “good bacteria” in our intestinal tract.

Antibiotics and gut health
If one takes a round of antibiotics, does it disrupt the gut and what would one do to fix it?

Antibiotics are given to treat an underlying infection.
However, they not only attack and destroy the specific bacteria causing the infection, but also a variety of others that reside within our intestinal tract.
This can lead to a disruption of the normal balance or homeostasis of microorganisms within your gut.
In other words, it could tip the balance from favoring good bacteria and optimal digestive health to bad bacteria and poor digestion.

To help restore the gut’s natural homeostasis, one can eat a variety of prebiotics (including fiber) and nutrients that promote growth and support the body’s good bacteria.
In addition, consuming probiotics, either those found naturally in certain foods, or supplementation, can help restore and maintain that homeostasis even more quickly and effectively.

Enzyme supplements to restore natural homeostasis . faster and more effectively.



Pregnant or lactating women should consult their doctor before using this product.

Consult your doctor before using this product if you have any medical condition or if you are pregnant.

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