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Intensive Antifungal Fungixl Cream

To maintain the health of your skin and the beauty of your hands and feet, there is nothing better than this product.
It is made in a harmonious way in the mixture of each of its components so that each one acts on its spectrum and improves your skin.
Vitamisan has a product for every need of our users always taking care that the results of the process are as effective as possible.
Vitamisan knows that only through superior quality we can maintain and grow the healthy family around us.



Intensive Antifungal Fungixl Cream

Product made with the best products to eliminate skin fungus.
we only use excellent natural products.
the best products against fungus and skin care are from vitamisan.

The treatment usually lasts about 30 to 60 days and, therefore, it is very important to continue the treatment for the time indicated by the doctor, even if the symptoms have disappeared, because if the treatment is interrupted it is common for the symptoms to return, since the fungus is not completely eliminated.

Intensive Antifungal Fungixl Cream. Maintaining and caring for your skin with quality products is a guarantee of health.
How often do those uncomfortable itchy feet return and it is worth returning to quality anti-fungal treatments.
Vitamisan presents products to definitively eliminate and maintain a care process with this cream one week a month to prevent those discomforts from reappearing.

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Intensive Antifungal Fungixl Cream
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