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    Why is progesterone important?

    It participates in the development of female sexual characteristics.and contributes to the development of the mammary glands, accumulation of fat in certain areas of the female body, and development and maturation of the sexual organs.

    During the menstrual cycle: it conditions the endometrium in order to facilitate the implantation of the embryo in it.

    During gestation: helps the pregnancy to proceed safely.

    During lactation: helps to prepare the mammary glands, so that they increase the size of the breasts for the future secretion of milk.

    It has a relaxing effect on the uterus, increasing in turn the secretions of the cervix and maintaining the vascularization of the uterine mucosa.

    It increases the excretion of both chlorine and sodium.

    During menopause: it is used as part of hormone replacement therapy, helping to treat its symptoms and reduce the risk of contracting diseases (such as uterine cancer, by helping to prevent abnormal thickening of the inner membrane of the uterus).

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