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Texto Men Textosterone

Texto Men Textosterone

testoterone booster




Texto Men

what is testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that everyone quickly associates with the male sex, and although it is true that it is practically exclusive to men and that it is generated in the testicles, it should not be forgotten that the ovaries also have the capacity to produce it in small quantities.

From even before birth, testosterone is a basic sex hormone for male development, although it becomes more evident after puberty, the stage at which the body begins to become an adult. Thanks to this hormone, the sexual organs develop, muscles grow, and hair begins to appear all over the body.

As the years go by, in adulthood, testosterone continues to play a key role for men, as it has multiple functions. Thus, it is an important part in muscle toning; it helps to perform physical activities by providing a stimulus to exercise, which results in a better physical appearance, more strength and greater endurance; it shortens recovery periods after both aerobic and anaerobic workouts; it helps to produce red blood cells; it can prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density; it favors memory; it improves the skin; it makes the liver work better; it improves the action of insulin?

Despite all this, the main function associated with testosterone is related to the sexual sphere, since it is the hormone that feeds the sexual appetite, helps sperm to form correctly, and combats erectile dysfunction.


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