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Dr. G Point Women Power

Dr. G Point Women Power

Sometimes the sexual act does not match the sexual desire, the heated life, the daily problems that invade us constantly diminish that desire and cancels any possibility to share sexually with the person we love, but we can not materialize that meeting due to lack of desire.
To increase that desire Vitamisan has for you Dr.G point. to activate that desire and pleasure as your G point does.



Dr. G Point Women Power

Decreased sexual appetite during menopause is often one of the most discussed problems between couples, according to many studies.

This decrease in desire affects the regularity of sexual activity with partners which results in arguments and estrangement in a period that should be of greater understanding.

That is why Vitamisan, in its policy of improving each and every stage of your life, has developed this excellent product to enliven your life and restore your desire for sexual activity.
We understand that you are in a time of hormonal changes that may not reach the act, even when we can understand that you want it but the body does not dare to do it.

The solucion.

That is why Dr. G Point Women Power  is a product that allows you to revive those moments of intimate affection that you both deserve.

The benefits of sexuality in old age are greater than the deprivation to be experienced.
To reactivate sexual life, the first thing “to do is to recognize that sexuality is an activity proper to human beings and to the enjoyment of their capacities”. And, therefore, it is also beneficial in old age.

“The benefits of sex in old age are many”.

seniors who are sexually active at least once a month.

not too often, as a couple or as individuals, improve their cognitive functions.

“And another very important one: it makes the person look younger .

sexual activity makes the person who practices it look seven years younger!”

People who have sex also have a more positive perception of their age; they are less likely to feel old, which is another benefit.

“They look healthier and have fewer signs of depression,” says the expert.

if you want to know more about this topic we recommend this article from the Vanguardia.

Vitamisan recommends using this product: Menopause formula


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